STOCK & FOREX TRADING 101- Making your first winning trade.

  • Course level: All Levels


Investment & Trading Teaching Pedagogy – Start trading the second day of class.

Investment & Trading – Courses Offered

Investment & Trading Scholarship applications

The focus of the course is to make students engage in trading & Investment. Students should be able to make their first trades after this course. They should be able to identify different investment platforms, the concept of brokers & how prices are adjusted based on supply and demand.

Course start & End dates

All sessions are recorded and uploaded the same day for students’ time convenience.

Live class dates:
Class 1Monday       26th of October9-11 AM – MDT
Class 2Tuesday      27th of October9-11 AM – MDT
Class 3Wednesday 28th of October9-11 AM – MDT
Class 4Thursday     29th of October9-11 AM – MDT
Class 5Monday       30th of October9-11 AM – MDT
Students need to complete their final Quiz 30 days after last day of class.
*To ensure class flexibility to our students all sessions are recorded and can be viewed in another time.
*Instructors will answer your questions e-mails within 24H period.

Course Prerequisites

  • None

Equipment Needed

Must be able to install the trading platform on their devices. (Laptops, phones, CPU, tablets)

Trading hours

5 hours a week

Learning Materials

No textbook required. All learning material will be provided on NAICD online platform.

Delivery methods

  • Live class.
  • Trading Lab

Passing requirements

  • To get a 75% minimum grade on the final quiz.
  • Complete all the milestones.

What Will I Learn?

  • Forex VS stock market VS Cryptocurrency.
  • How to choose a broker.
  • Opening a trading account.
  • What is leverage?
  • How to use MT4.
  • How to edit trading charts.
  • How to calculate currency value.
  • How to calculate the PIP value.
  • How the banking system works.
  • The relation between supply/demand with prices.
  • Understanding the cost of borrowing.
  • Make your first winning trade.

Topics for this course

17 Lessons15h

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Class 1 – Course Expectations

Class 2 – Types of investments

Class 3 – Forex

Class 4 – Stock trading

Class 5 -Make your first winning trade

Open book Quiz


Material Includes

  • NACID learning material.
  • Videos

Please make sure that your product exists and valid for this course


  • Students must have a valid ID and proof of address to able to open their real trading accounts with any broker.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn Stock trading, FOREX trading, investments.