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Investing or buying shares in a company is very profitable. However, without proper analysis of financial statements, investors can not evaluate if an organization is worth their investment or not.

Being a business owner, investor or involved in performance management. This course will help you learn about the four financial statements that all profit-seeking businesses must maintain. They will learn about the contents of each statement and how they are related to each other. In addition, students will learn how to analyze the financial statements to determine if the financial position of the company is strong or weak and how to assess the level of risk when you are considering doing business with the company or investing in the company.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe the purpose and contents of each financial statement.
  • Identify the structure of each financial statement.
  • Describe where to find specific information that is included in each financial statement.
  • Calculate and interpret the main financial ratios that are used to analyze financial statements.

Topics for this course

22 Lessons24h

Class 1 – Course introduction

Types of financial statements
Draft Lesson

Class 2 – Balance sheet

Class 3 – Cash flow statements

Class 4 – Income statement

Class 5 – Statement of owners equity

Class 6 – Financial ratios

Class 7 – Class activity – Real analysis


Material Includes

  • NAICD provided material.
  • Videos.


  • Calculator

Target Audience

  • Stock Traders
  • Auditors
  • Business owners
  • Risk analysts
  • Investors