About Us


NAICD College is a private career college that started in Toronto, Ontario in 2008. NAICD College focused on career programs targeting only  corporations . All certificates are only achieved by professional assessments rather than traditional examinations.

Over years NAICD has been providing its services through a staff composed of a highly selected group of consultants who has managed to construct the training materials provided on a bases of years of experience in different fields. A more practical approach has been adopted rather than academic teaching.

Through our long & diversified experience, we have gained & developed different strategies of education and training which made NAICD as one of the leading colleges. By either online courses or in our campus, students shall definitely received high educational standards that made them stand unique in their professional fields.

NAICD provides different ways of delivery, we stand firm against traditional examination assessments. Workshops, projects and practical assessments are more valuable to those who want to build a career.  For that, NAICD programs are only completed with final practical projects in each field. Certificates are not earned except in the completion of a project implemented in your work place that is evaluated by a group of experts.

To offer candidates the education, experience and skills that can lead to successful development. We urge our  professors to continually evaluate and update educational programs & always provide modern facilities and educational equipment.

Our Mission:

To provide a professional practical approach to learning and to help learners with what really matters.